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Welcome! If your into electronics as a hobby or you're a seasoned technician or engineer you're probably gonna love our web site! We're just beginning our re-build of this site so please be patient as we tweek and add things. We plan on offering FREE electronics study courses that span from basic to intermediate levels of curriculum. We'll also be adding a library of schematics, a kits category, and our services department where we offer proto-typing services.

Again, please be patient and check back often to see how far we've come in this rebuilding project. You can contact me at admin@timilen.com if you have questions or want to make a comment.

We now make use of sub-domain addressing! From any search engine like Google or Yahoo instead of typing a web address like http://www.timilen.com/kits/index.html you may now use the simplified address of kits.timilen.com and it will take you to the above address automatically. This simplifies the variety of addresses we can use. Here's a list of the sub-domains currently available... (These are links directly to these wbe pages.)

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